Mission Statement

At Skin Re:Birth, our mission is to provide dermatologically approved skin care products that include effective and proven ingredients from Korean Beauty designed to improve skin tone, texture, and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Re:Birth?

We began using Korean Beauty products prior to the introduction of Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) in the US marketplace. In 2016, we were introduced to a brand named Dr. Chromcell when we visited Korea , and we immediately knew the quality of Dr. Chromcell products were significantly better than the other skin-care products. So what makes their products so unique?

Dr. Chromcell has heavily invested in the scientific research of natural ingredients as well as innovative skincare technologies to improve skin texture. In addition to their belief in combining natural ingredients with skincare technologies, their skin care products have been clinically tested to ensure the safety of customers. Their products are sold by dermatologists in their own skin care clinics all over South Korea (60+ clinics) and another clinic in Manchester, England.

In 2020, we decided to partner up with Dr.Chromcell to sell their skin care products outside of South Korea and created a platform to display other Korean Beauty products that meet our philosophy.

Our company philosophy

At the core of Skin Rebirth's skincare philosophy, our goal is to partner up with global Korean skin care brands that truly believe the ingredients contained within their skin care products effectively work to address the skin concerns. Yes, the design of the packaging does matter in order to grab consumers' attention, but we prioritize brands that continuously conduct research on cosmetics science and technology.